Fingernails appearance


There are a lot of things we can know about a single person from looking at their hands. Many of us have learned about that from our early detective novels or simply from Sherlock Holmes who mentioned that a man’s fingernails can plainly reveal a man’s calling. Our fingernails can in fact reflect our habits, our occupation and now thanks to our modern science knowledge, fingernails can tell you more about your health problems.

  • There are a handful of different phenomenons that can change our fingernails’ appearance. This article will look at and explain a few of them.
  • Terry’s nail is what a nail is called when the inside of it is paler than the rim right before the edge. This phenomenon can eventually mean that you have severe liver disease or cirrhosis.

Another nail formation is when the nails are totally white. If this has been the case since birth then there are no worries. However, if your nails have turned white at a later point in your life, you might wanna check your doctor since this can be a sign of a number of conditions including but not limited to renal failure, congestive heart failure, diabetes, etc…

  • Some people notice that their nails are yellow, a condition also appropriately called “Yellow Nail Syndrome”. Unless you are a very heavy smoker, this can only mean that you suffer from severe pulmonary disease and/or Lymphedema and that you should immediately go see a doctor if you haven’t already.

Rippled Nails also appear on certain people’s hands and can be a sign of psoriasis. It also happens with dermatitis, whether allergic or chronic.

Nails are often very indicative of what we do and what our body is doing internally. But most of the time, nail phenomenon tend to resolve themselves systematically. However if you notice a change in your nail’s look which persists for more than a couple months, it is very advisable to go seek a doctor for this.