Drugs addiction


Why do people take drugs? They take them to get high or in other words experience new feelings and have fun inside their brain in sorts. So it would come as no surprise to veteran substance users that recent research into psilocybin, a compound found in a lot of hallucinogenic drugs, reported that it can have a long term impact in reducing the symptoms of clinical depression particularly in those who are facing a terminal tumor or cancer.

Two new studies looked at magic mushrooms which are known among their users as eye opening plants that give you an out of world experience coupled with mesmerizing visuals. The idea is that such an experience can alleviate the pain and give depressive patients a new outlook on life. The results found that psilocybin affected the subjects depression, existential dilemma and severe anxiety towards death.

  • In the first study, 51 terminal cancer patients were given the same dose of psilocybin. The results were dramatic as the patients immediately showed clinically verifiable signs of mood enhancement. Six months later, 78 percent of the initially depressive participants and a whole 83 percent of the ones diagnosed with major anxiety saw a continuous improvement of their overall mood. More generally 60 percent of all participants experienced a complete recovery from their depressive symptoms.
  • The second study used a placebo that was given to half of the total 21 participants in a first instance. The groups were switched after one month and a half and those who got the placebo now got the psilocybin and vice versa. The results were clear as day. Improvements were very noticeable in those who have taken the hallucinogen but not in those who took the placebo and the impact was still visible and increasing six and a half months after the study.

The mentioned research joins other previous studies that have been looking into the potential of hallucinogenic drugs on depression and mental disease. The results of all the previously made studies show that we might very well be heading into a new era of depression treatment.