Electronic cigarettes

July 1, 2017

A new recent craze of our ongoing century has been electronic cigarettes. Many people have gotten into the habit of vaping to replace their daily cigarettes. This was because of a preconceived idea that came out with the release of e-cigarettes on the market that these were basically safe cigarettes. This belief is due to the fact that electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco the way a classic cigarette does, and in avoiding this part of the smoking process, it saves the smoker from inhaling over 60 different potentially carcinogenic additives.

While the latter might be true, studies have recently shown that the smoke from electronic cigarettes, and more specifically from the burning of the e-liquid that goes into them, can contain harmful particles that can cause irritation and even disease.

  • Top shelf models of electronic cigarettes allow the user to control the voltage of the cigarette’s battery, which in turn changes the intensity of the heat that burns the liquid. While this is seen as an advantageous feature for some, it has been shown that high temperatures can potentially activate elements used in the liquid making them identical to harmful elements found in classic cigarettes.
  • Further testing of these new cigarettes in the past few years has also shown that the size of the smoke particles released by the burning of e-liquid is much higher than that of regular cigarettes. And since over 40% of all smoke particles inhaled will travel all the way down into the lungs and integrate the alveoli, this can become a heavy intrusion on the lungs and eventually lead to disease.

It is true that many people see electronic cigarettes as the only alternative to normal cigarettes, since quitting is one of the hardest things to do for the classic smoker. And science has been saying that these cigarettes are at least slightly better better than their predecessors but that by itself is not enough, given the fact that cigarettes are one of the most harmful habits to ever exist. So make sure you understand the risk before boarding the vaping hype train!