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June 2015


Types of antibiotics

June 18, 2015

Types of antibiotics:

Today, doctors are the following groups of antimicrobials:

The material for the production of drugs are colonies of mold with the same name. Capable of destroying the cell walls of bacteria and inhibit their livelihoods. The antibiotics of this group penetrate deep into cells and can effectively attack the latent pathogens. Essential disadvantages of the drug is rapid elimination from the body and the ability of bacteria to form a resistance to penicillin.

Broad-spectrum drugs, structurally similar to penicillin. There are three generations of cephalosporins 1 generation is used to treat diseases of the genitourinary system and upper respiratory tract; 2nd generation – to suppress gastrointestinal infections; 3 generations – to suppress the most severe infections. The disadvantages include the ability of the drug can cause severe allergic reactions.

A sophisticated cyclic structure. Capable of destroying the structure of the bacteria responsible for the synthesis of proteins, resulting in the development and reproduction of microorganisms stops. Relatively safe and allowed for long-term treatment, but over time, microbes can generate resistance (resistance) to the antibiotic.

By its action are similar to the macrolides, but due to the low selectivity may adversely affect human cells. Effectiveness in treating a variety of serious infections, but have many side effects, and often they are used externally as creams and ointments. Metronidazole.

Enjoy a wide range of actions, but are most often used to suppress serious infectious processes associated with blood poisoning, infected wounds and burns. Today, more rarely used because of the high toxicity.

Antifungal antibiotics.
Characterized by an active impact on the fungi destroying the cell membrane and leading to their death. Quickly cause resistance of microorganisms, so a little crowded out highly synthetic drugs.
The same antibiotic may be sold under different trade names, so before you buy all prescription drugs should find out exactly whether to accept them as part of a course or they are given as options for replacement.